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Prohibited import goods category

Comply with Customs regulation number 43 People’s Republic of China Prohibited Import and Export Goods and People’s Republic of China Restricted Import and Export Goods:
1, All kinds of weapons, firearms, bullets, simulation of weapons, ammunition, bombs, grenades, mines, detonators, explosives, gunpowder, firecrackers etc.;
2, Inflammable and explosive materials: including liquids, gases and solids. Such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, lacquer, diesel, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.;
3, All kinds of easy corrosive materials: fiery sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, and other dangerous chemicals;
4, Various types of radioactive elements and containers: such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium. All kinds of potent poisons, such as thallium, cyanide, arsenic, etc.;
5, Currencies and hard to value securities, such as bills of lading, verification form, passport, quota permits, permits, licenses, personal documents, money order, invoice, national or foreign cash;
6, Any harmful publications, films, photographs, music, videos, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items related to Chinese political, economic, cultural course;
7, All kinds of potent poisons: opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, ephedrine and related products, as well as other addictive narcotics, psychotropic substances, illegible component powders, liquids, etc.;
8, Dangerous bacteria contained animals, plants, insects and other pests. Live animals and plants.
9, Various items detrimental to public health. Such as bones, animal organs, limbs, without the tanned animals’ skins, non-medicated animal bones.
10, Foods, medicines and other items from the infected areas, impede to human and animal health,
11, National laws, regulations, administrative rules prohibited, non-delivery, non-import or non-export items, such as state secret documents and information, national currencies and counterfeit currencies and securities, simulation of weapons, regulated knives, precious relics and endangered wildlife and its finished products;
12, Other non-compliance of air delivery and mailing standards items.