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China Express registered user service agreement

China Express to provide international e-commerce logistics services to registered users, and formulated the "China Express registered user service agreement" are as follows. The contents of the agreement include the service agreement, the rights and obligations of both parties, the insured claims and the exemption clause and all China Express may have been released or future release and modified various terms. All terms as an integral part of the agreement, shall have the same legal effect. Once the client choose to use the services provided by the China Express means acceptance has been fully read, understand and agree to enter into this Agreement and the China Express yourself, And will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement constraints. China Express has the right to modify this agreement from time to time to develop, according to the need, if any changes to this agreement, Site technical staff will be the first time published notice, notice to the user. If the user does not agree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the "services". The revised agreement and various terms were announced, immediately take effect automatically. Log in or continue to use the "services" means that the user will accept the revised agreement.

一、the definition of

1. China Express website:www.11183.hk;

2. China Express registered users: refers to accept the "China Express registered user service agreement", according to the China Express system requirements to fill in personal information and create the China Express personal account, and confirm the China Express user registration;(this agreement is referred to as "customer")

3. Services: international logistics services of Electronic Commerce Secretary for customers to provide.

二、The rights and obligations of both parties

1. The right of customer

- China Express system, customers have the right to use the provided by the Division I submitted to reaching our overseas transshipment center shipment and complete the shipment information, generated surface single, state tracking and other customer orders, have the right to know the shipment status, including but not limited to the invoice number, delivery status, freight amount of detailed content;

- The client has the right to lodge complaints our transport service, have the right to due to the work of errors caused by the delay, loss or damage claim for shipment;

2. Client obligations

- The customer registration after the success of our system can obtain the service to use the power, but the information is not to be exclusive personal ID account and password, transfer, sale, loan and mortgage. For any individual ID and password custody of improper loss borne by the customers themselves;

- The customer shall comply with and correctly perform international transportation laws and regulations related to the origin and destination countries and area requirements. Due to personal conceal contraband or illegal items, the customer should bear all the responsibility and consequences;

- The customer shall ensure that delivery of the individual parcel express to meet personal family occupied standards, specifically: the reasonable quantity, reasonable value (not more than 1000 yuan, a single goods indivisible except), the prohibition of entry after the sale or rental, banned cargo single send against customs regulations behavior;

- The customer shall timely login to our system cargo information, instructions, submit the consignor or consignee information and reporting information on the list of the information sender essential, while ensuring the information submitted is true and effective, because of the delay in submission of any shipment information, concealing the true information, shipment recipient address fill in error caused by delay, buckle off and cannot delivery consequences, shall be the responsibility of the customer;

- The customer shall ensure that domestic customs clearance identity information provided by the real effective, timely payment of import tariff and take the initiative to produce, because of not submit timely customs clearance information, not timely payment of customs duties and other charges caused by delay possible (fine, warehousing costs, customs clearance fees, delivery expenses etc.), shall be the responsibility of the customer;

- Customer hair pieces or use other value-added services in China Express system, shall deliver the relevant fees in time according to the system real-time published charges, not to advance our obligation, the resulting shipment processing delay shall be the responsibility of the customer;

3. Our obligation

- Ensure that all eligible registered users of the ID, the account information and personal password, related to personal privacy customs clearance materials will not be leaked to any third party without the individuals and interest groups to provide identification of personal information;

- Our Party A as in overseas shipments for transport, should be timely the shipment safely transported to the domestic, provide air, customs clearance, customs clearance, transport and domestic express service;

- I'm responsible for shipment customs clearance services, including customs, tax and other customs clearance services and have the obligation to assist in contacting customers specify recipients to prepare and submit timely material and documents needed for customs clearance;

- I shall have the obligation to explain to the customer operation process, cost of parts necessary to recharge, fee deduction produce and other related matters needing attention;

- I shall have the obligation of transport channel adjustment, freight adjustment and related functional module of the system change matters in advance to inform customers.

三、The insured and claim clause

China Express service for the customer to provide the insured, coverage from overseas transfer warehouse customers receive the goods to domestic customers sign for the goods check. This service is based on equality and voluntary principle, fill in the express waybill in Yongxing site, in the "Insured" check whether the insured can enjoy this service.

1. To lose all not insured parcel once check loss occurred for the entire list, verify the situation after our customers will pay USD/ 3 pounds in compensation, the maximum amount of 100 USD;

2. Our company provide 2% of the insured insured transport service, the reference standard for customer consignment fill in the declaration of value: customer package declaration 100USD, Division I will correspond to collect 2 USD premium;

3. The premium collection of upper limit of 20 USD, namely customer package declared value limit is 1000USD, the maximum amount to verify the entire single lost pieces of parcel is 1000 USD;

4. When the actual value of customer value declared and goods does not comply, our company will be in strict accordance with the lower coverage;

5. Value insured compensation only for the whole lost package;

6. All the sign without abnormal package, the company does not make the claim;

7. The parcel packaging without removing traces, the recipient sign pieces missing or damaged, the company does not make the claim;

8. For fragile items, glass handicrafts, daily necessities, art and other fragile products, jewelry, tape, CD-ROM storage medium transport, if the customer fails to provide effective packaging, we can provide the reinforcement and other value-added services, but both pieces missing or damaged packaging, indemnity clause applies only to the choice of reinforcement value added services to customers;

9. The parcel in severely damaged or missing parts part, regardless of whether the customer insurance, Division I verify the situation will pay 2 times the freight, the maximum amount of 100 USD;

10. All claims will be paid to the customer under the system account.

四、Exemption clause

Our company will not be liable for compensation arising from any indirect, incidental, special or derivative losses. Not on any of the following reasons caused by or resulting from loss, damage, delay delivery, miscarriage, non delivery, provide the wrong information or information not available any responsibility, also do not take any freight adjustment, refund or any compensation behavior.

1. Clients in violation of the company issued a waybill, the terms of the service guide or other agreements, such as the shipment is sent packing, security, logo or addressing improper or incomplete, not timely submit the identity information such as customs clearance delays;

2. In violation of the relevant provisions of the company and customs and terms, including: inaccurate reporting of cargo, shipping is strictly prohibited entry of the goods to be confiscated by customs or returned items more than the number of restrictions, customs regulations resulting in fines, confiscated and returned etc.;

3. Plane crash occurs, the public enemy invasion, government authorities, legal authority, customs or quarantine officials the acts or omissions, riots, strikes or other regional disputes, civil unrest, war or weather brought risk, or by non our control issues caused by;

4. For arrives damaged and packaging the basic integrity of the package, or the recipient normal sign (whether it's family, the doorman, colleagues, friends etc. sign, be regarded as I sign) package, as well as the guest complaints packages damaged or missing pieces and in the specified time is not to submit proof of damaged and in written a short, do not assume responsibility;

5. The recipient is not timely confirmation of duties and taxes payment delay caused by delay;

6. Because the sender provides address information is incorrect, incomplete, incorrect, the recipient could not be contacted, caused by repeated distribution costs incurred and the related consequences.

五、Claims category and the matters needing attention

1.Query state started without any update within 20 working days of the package from the one, the customer can put the package loss claim, to verify the situation after the Division I will according to whether accord with the parcel insured standard, whether the customer value insured damages, compensation will be responsible to answer the customer service staff;

2. The recipient receipt of goods, found wrapped package loss or obvious damage, need to be on the spot to take photographs of evidence, and in the air waybill marked abnormalities, also in the sign within 3 working days after the contact our customer service proposed package damaged missing application, verify the situation I Division will be wrapped in pieces according to whether accord with standard, customer value insured whether the price to pay, payment will be customer service personnel responsible for docking;

3. Division I will reply and implement the corresponding reparations to claim within 15 working days, all claims will balance payment to form customer account, cannot provide the application materials provides overdue, I Division will not be accepted.