International line

Our advantage

High efficiency: multiple flights a week to the domestic. From the overseas shipments to domestic sign, the main city of only 7-10 working days.

Tracking: from single to full traceability sign, EMS's official website can be found.

Network: coverage, delivered China all area and city.

Benefits: efficiency and service is comparable to USPS Express Mail, only 1/2 price. 50% the price of =100% services.

You need three steps with

Step1:International freight prepaid and self created online send waybill.

Step2:Wrap a parcel and paste the waybill delivery to us the goods station. The goods station address:1980 US HIGHWAY 1, Building #3 NORTH BRUNSWICK NJ。

Step3:Active legal declaration package contents and value, and to provide online customs documents.

Please note

Please in the parcel arrives goods station before print and paste the parcel area single (see right), otherwise it will seriously affect the parcel transport speed and May lead to additional costs.